We create Portable Devices for Biological Specimen Collection and in-Vitro Diagnostics, 

to bring Early Detection and Preventive Screening closer to Patients.

Our Proprietary All-in-One Technology is designed to Minimize the Sampling Process 

and Enhance the Performance of Multiple ImmunoAssays Simultaneously,

ensuring the Optimal Ease-of-Use for Medical and Veterinary Professionals.

We support Life Science Companies in developing Innovative Rapid Test Panels 

for the Identification of Pathogens and Markers at Point-of-Care, on the Farm or in the Field.

Introducing the CUPTIVATE

Simple Form, Optimal Function.

Multiplex Cup for Urine or liquid based ImmunoAssays 

with Separate Activation and Split Specimen 

to preserve Accuracy of Procedure and Results. 

Featuring the DUETTO


The Duetto is a Device for Stool Sample Collection 

and Rapid Testing, used on Farm and at Point-of-Care.

It provides Exceptional Convenience for Physicians and Veterinarians working in challenging conditions.

Patented Innovation of ODEXXO.



The Carousel Tube has significantly facilitated 

on-Site Testing for Diarrheal Disease Diagnosis.

Clean and Easy Method to handle infectious samples.

 1 Twist  -  2 Clicks  -  8 Results  -  10 Minutes



Our Multiplex Devices are designed for use in Rural Areas and Remote Locations.  Minimal Operating Steps.

Diagnosis of Gastroenteritis Causal Agents


Our DUETTO Tube is used for the Rapid Detection of 

Rota-Adeno-Astro-Noro Viruses at Point-of-Care.

Results are obtained on-site within minutes, for a prompt treatment 

in regions with difficult access to healthcare.

Veterinary Applications


Livestock Veterinarians around the world rely on our CAROUSEL 

for on-Farm Screening of Calf Scours Causal Pathogens

 to ensure an efficient Herd Health Management.